“A popular Spanish nightclub has been forced to change its name from Mecca after sparking a furious reaction around the Islamic world.

Intelligence chiefs warned owners they were being targeted by extremists who claim the disco is insulting to their religion.

Insulting to Islam? Islam is insulting to humanity.

Let’s be clear, Islam is not a religion. It is an ideology whose goal is to destroy western civilization and subjugate all people to an evil destructive cult called Islam. This was the wet dream of a mad lunatic called Mohammad. A lying pedophile, a murderer, a thieve and worshiper of a Moon God. Dogs and wolves howl at the moon. They appear to have more intelligence than either Muslims or those that try to rationalize the works of Islam. The nightclub was not forced to change it’s name, it bowed to Islamic threats.

H/T to Puma by Design. Read the story there.

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