Paul Weston lays it on the line about Islam. October 30, 2010

Paul Weston Speak at the Amsterdam Rally for Free Speech- pro-wilders 30th october

Written speech available at Gates of Vienna

H/T to Bare Naked Islam. Visit the site and read the post. What the liberal, progressive, political correct dip shits have and are doing in Europe Obama and his tribe of assholes are doing in the United States. Reaching out to this evil cult of intimidation, subjugation, terrorism, death and destruction will not magically transform them into a civilized society. It will not make them in turn reach out to western civilization with a hand of peace. Appeasement does not work, it only further emboldens them to act towards destruction of western civilization. Stand up and fight or lay down and surrender. Go here for some excellent clips on what Islam really is.

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