Qur’an burnings, Islam, the jackass Lindsey Graham and the blame game.

Muslim uprising and murder sprees in the aftermath of Pastor Terry Jones were not the result of his burning a fictitious book of hate called the Qur’an. They were the results of an evil, destructive, murderous cult’s inherent desire to act in this manner and looking for someone else to blame. Muslims have done this since Mohammad dreamed up this cult called Islam and laid down the framework for how his followers should act. This will continue until Islam is no more. That being said Lindsey Graham’s remarks may be incitement for even more burnings of this rag.

Ann Barnhardt vs. the jackass Lindsey Graham.

That brings us to the commonality of politicians and Islamic political ideology. Both groups  act without feeling any accountability for their own actions and will try to find any excuse to blame others.

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