America must return…

…to the Constitution, to it’s Judeo-Christian heritage. We, thanks to apathy and our electing liberal PC politicians whom hold neither in high regard are fast heading to our destruction. Lawyers and academics have no place in leadership of this nation. We the people and common sense must replace them. We are drifting ever so slowly, but increasingly faster towards Islamic domination aided by those that took an oath to protect and serve with empty words. Obama is the prime example. His words and actions are antonyms. He say’s he is a Christian but acts as a Muslim. Actions speak louder than words. He is dividing this country as never since our civil war and has only unified one thing. The Middle East under the radical Muslim Brotherhood that wants both the destruction of Israel and the US. The election of 2012 may well be the final tipping point.We have the weapons to fight absent a direct revolution. It is the ballot box and the constitution. Read it it is there for your defense.

Shir-ah Law and The Agenda of Islam To Take Over America

Sharia law is being accepted in much of the world today. Brittan, UK are opening Sharia parliaments and if Obama has his way America will come under this unmerciful law as well. America we know this goes on around the world but do you want this in your own country? If we don’t do everything possible to get this guy out of the White House it could happen. Remember He is a Muslim by his own words. Please share this video and take a part in fighting against the New World Order. (We are facing two NWO’s and neither will turn out well, and they will be in conflict at the end.)

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2 Responses to America must return…

  1. islams not for me says:

    Yep ya ain’t kidding.

    The more the lefties throw thier lot into the Theocratic system of islam the faster the West will die.

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