Myself and all BPI sites stand with Pamela Geller!

Pamela Geller is a beacon of light and is undeserved of the recent attacks on her and Atlas Shrugs. via Zilla of the Resistance. Read her post. Stand with us and re=post or email, tweet.

Friday, July 1, 2011

THIS Blogger Stands With Geller

I stand with Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs, always.

Yesterday, Pamela posted at her place about a troubling issue within the counter-jihad group the English Defense League, and she caught hell over it both in the comments threads at her blog and then a whole bunch of other bloggers piled on in an “Open Letter” excoriating her for discussing an issue with her own readers that EDL leader Tommy Robinson himself acknowledged exists. Jihad Watch has also posted about this and now Robert Spencer is also taking heat for standing with Pamela.

Robert Spencer’s comments about the attack against Pamela Geller, via Jihad Watch:

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3 Responses to Myself and all BPI sites stand with Pamela Geller!

  1. Bennie says:

    If you’d care to read what Pammy actually wrote, she did not merely write about a troubling issue, as you suggest. She claimed that the leadership of the English Defence League had been infiltrated by neo-fascists. She claimed that ‘the forces of good’ had been unable to recapture the heart and soul of the EDL. Obviously if something has to be recaptured then it has already been lost. She claimed that the EDL was on ‘a terrible path’ and she not only withdrew her support for the EDL, she said that any ‘genuine’ person should leave the EDL and follow Roberta Moore as she created a new group. So posting at her place about a troubling issue doesn’t really cover it now, does it?

    In addition, we now know that Roberta Moore had been trying to align the EDL with one Victor Vancier, a man who is now heading up an outfit called the JTF in America. Mr. Vancier has been convicted of acts of domestic terrorism in the USA, and has done hard time. Link 1. Link 2. Link 3. Link 4. Link 5. You will find that although Pammy asserts on 30th June that Roberta Moore has resigned from the EDL, this article appeared on 5th July. In the comments you can read that Ms. Moore, or whoever is acting in her stead, says they believe there are two kinds of terrorism, malignant and benign. These terms are not defined, although apparently Mr. Vancier is only guilty of the benign terrorism. An oxymoron if ever there was one.

    The argument is then presented that so called “terrorists” (in quotes) can be excellent politicians. Showing a profound understanding of British politics, a link is then provided to a short bio of Gerry Adams – of all people!

    To anyone who has actually been brought up in Great Britain, a question inevitably arises at this point: Does Ms. Moore believe that the IRA were only guilty of ‘benign terrorism’? One also cannot help but wonder if she thinks that the EDL should adopt the IRA’s tactics. After all, we are told in those comments that ‘When in war we do not play nice, suffice to say.’

    This is who Pammy thinks should lead the CJ movement in the United Kingdom then. Since Ms. Moore has attempted to align herself with Victor Vancier already, it is reasonable to assume that she would do so again, if she ever found herself in charge of another group. The group that Pammy said she wanted to see in existence in the United Kingdom.

    Roberta Moore and Victor Vancier. The dream team.

    I don’t think so!

  2. Bennie says:

    Here is the second of those links again. Here’s another. And another. Obviously the English Defence League aligning themselves with someone with that background wouldn’t be problematic in any way at all, given the current legal and political context in the United Kingdom!

    There’s also the other matter. And if you’re a Christian, this really will matter. Check it out. And remember to click on ‘more’ and check out the links on that page. Links like this.

  3. Bennie says:

    The issues here being twofold: If Ms. Moore really believes that ‘benign terrorism’ is okey-dokey and that aligning the English Defence League with Victor Vancier would benefit the EDL, then in my view, she has shown poor judgement. For it seems pretty clear that aligning themselves with Mr. V would cost the EDL far more than it could possibly benefit them. Not to mention that if the EDL stands against terrorism, they should not align themselves with someone who has been found guilty of committing acts of terrorism. And Pammy has said that she trusts Ms. Moore more than she trusts Tommy Robinson. So her judgement is questionable as well. Pammy explicitly called for current members of the English Defence League to abandon the EDL, and follow Roberta Moore as she started a new group. If Pammy thinks that a Moore/ Vancier ticket would fly in the United Kingdom, then she really doesn’t know what she’s talking about. And you’re standing with her, always.


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