Religion of Peace, BS. Sub-human beasts, Yes.

Obama can praise his so called great religion of Islam until he’s blue in the face and it won’t make it so. Islam is nothing more than the most evil cult of death and destruction ever foisted upon mankind. It was the wet dream of a murdering, thieving pedophile  called Mohammad and it’s a shame people still follow his insane way of thinking. They’re all F@%KED UP. Make no mistake about it. Islam’s goal is a worldwide Islamist state or Caliphate and if you don’t stand up against it you will fall before it.

Toddler used as trigger

TWISTED Taliban killers used a TWO-YEAR-OLD girl as the trigger for a bomb which killed her and five Afghan police, The Sun can reveal.

The terrorists stood the frightened toddler on the device and ordered her not to move.

Horrified ... Rafiulah

Horrified … Rafiulah


Worried Afghan National Police raced to help the screaming child and when they picked her up to comfort her the bomb detonated. As well as claiming six lives the blast also injured a bystander.Officer Rafiulah Qandahar – who is being trained by British troops and civilian cops at the Helmand Police Training Centre in Lashkar Gah – watched the chilling event unfold six months ago.

Rafiulah, 27, said: “She was just a little girl. It happened in Kandahar and was very sad. Bad people did this. They are enemies of humanity, enemies of Islam and enemies of the Koran.”

The outrage came to light at the training base when civilian MoD cops ran a practical training session on what to do if Afghan police found a missing child. The Brits were shocked not one officer went to calm a child in the session – until recruits told them of the sick trick of using tiny tots as triggers. Squaddies from 5 Scots and volunteer civilian MoD police officers are charged with turning the raw Afghan recruits into a competent force.

PC Jason Allsop, 40, said: “I never expected to hear a story like that.

“I’ve come to teach them community policing but it’s life and death every day.”

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