And the “leaders” in the west are concerned about an Islam rag called the Qur’an being burned. WTF?

Our “leaders” are leading us in one direction, our destruction by the hands of those they so pompously defend, Muslims. Any (Gay’s) that support this evil cult deserve what they get, just as the “peace” activists that join with them. Remember May 20 is International Draw Mohammad day as proclaimed on our site last May20 and July 4 is Worldwide Burn A Qur’an day. These sub human creatures have no problem burning human’s alive and the world remains silent but burn Mohammad’s wet dream of a Qur’an Their is a deafening outcry. Defending Islam rather than standing against it is the road to the destruction of yourself, your family and future offspring.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Thanks to Answering Muslims for the above clip.

Muslims Burn Homosexuals Alive

While the world condemns Terry Jones for burning a book, we remain silent when Muslims burn human beings.

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